The tech team that will guide
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The technology does not create digital projects successful, the people who lead yes

In Henkcorp we give priority to the people, to prioritize the results that you are looking for.

Our culture shape the talent tech ideal for you

Outsourced teams with the mindset right for you to transform your organization.

Get talent tech that makes it fit with your company

We advise you to define the profile tech you need, and we recruit in 2 weeks.

Get ongoing guide in technology and innovation

In each project, you'll receive guidance from our experts to navigate with peace of mind in the world of tech.

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Henkcorp become your strategic advisor to multiply the impact of your projects tech.

We did not fill a position, we get the talent that will help grow your business with technology.

Henkcorp help you to achieve this in record time:

  • Get guide and accompanying technology in the whole process.

  • Get your first three candidates in 72 hours.

  • Get your talent in 14 days maximum.

  • Has a warranty of talent of 3 months.

  • Access to tests, technical skills and soft.

  • One-time fee of a salary for the candidate.*

  • + 2,500 talents in tech in Peru and Colombia at your disposal.

How is the process of working to get the talent tech in 2 weeks

If you do not define an appropriate profile, the engagement strategy may fail. Here we validate the profile tech: skills, roles, salary range according to the market, general requirements. And we provide specialized consultancy for the recruitment to be successful.

Get the first list of candidates that do fit with your profile. Give your approvals, and we started to contact them to start the process.

According to the strategy of uptake, we determined a test or interview technique with a leader. Support in the coordination and supervision. Then, it defines who passed to the next stage.

Coordinates interviews to know the development and soft skills. Here we validate if they fit with your company. Qualified candidates at this stage.

Discusses the final results of the three, and choose the best candidate for your company. We will communicate with them to start the recruitment process with you. In addition, I prepare a file of the candidate. This will include: a result of tests, CV, validation of legal precedent, among others.

We assure you that your talents to pass the test period of 3 months. If you remove it within this period, we guarantee that we will replace the talent within 14 days without any cost.

Access to technical talent and ready to face any challenge. Our culture is to become your competitive advantage.

In Henkcorp, we grow the mindset of your talent, so that your projects are a success:

  • Get a talent advisor from day 1: will be your guide in the management of talent, you will hear your feedback is continuous.

  • We include the talent in the form of Henkcorp.

  • Your talent will receive technical training to measure.

  • Your talent you will be taken to workshops on leadership skills, communication, and mindset of innovation.

  • You'll get reports every month and quarter: we evaluate the performance and productivity of the talent to improve it.

  • You'll save from 14% in IT costs per candidate.

95% of our technical talent is more than 1 year. This is due to our culture.

We invest in the talent that will transform companies like yours.

To create custom solutions with technology, we understand your business challenges first.

In Henkcorp, we develop technology that will impact on your results of company:

  • Get technology consulting from day 1.

  • We have vision to be customer-centric (customer center) to design projects.

  • We use agile methodology, or cascade, depending on the size of the project.

  • For ecommerce, we work with partners geolocation and loyalty to a better digital experience.

  • You have the accompaniment of 1 month after the end of your project.

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How is the process of working to develop projects tech that stand out

  1. Rising business information.
  2. To understand the overall context of the challenge.
  3. Define the scope and technical requirements of the project.
  4. You start the planning of the development.
  1. Prepare the design.
  2. Start the deployment.
  3. Tests are carried out with users.
  4. Deliveries are made that include trainings progressive teams.
  1. Ensures that the functionalities of the digital project work well for 1 additional month.

You probably leave data-driven opportunities aside to grow. We help you solve it.

En Henkcorp, transformamos tus datos en insights para que tomes mejores decisiones:

  • Get guidance and accompaniment of leaders of data.

  • We apply techniques of advanced analytics to optimize your decision-making process.

  • We use agile methodologies for the development of the project.

  • Acquires the ability to tell stories with data, with a better display.

You know what they think of the culture Henkcorp

You know what they think of the culture Henkcorp

How we help you to develop technological projects of success?

Leave your data and we will contact you in less than 24 hours to give you the guidance you need.



Leave your data and we will contact you in less than 24 hours to give you the guidance you need.