Our mission is to convert
your new talent tech
in your competitive advantage

The success of your technology projects depends on the people in your team. Henkcorp helps you to record them and to develop their maximum potential.

We have connected companies of Peru, Chile and Colombia with professionals in technology that stand out. Not only for the technical skills, also the soft skills that we train on them.

Our culture is people-centred ensures that you have talent tech high potential for your company

"In Henkcorp, value our growth and development. Enable us continually, we work remote and allows us to balance our personal and professional lives. They have a culture where you feel valued and motivated to grow. "

Analiz UX/UI Henkcorp

"The work environment is ideal in Henkcorp. Show concern for our concerns and always respond with a good attitude. Keep the team united, happy and with the tools to develop our full potential. Are leaders with different abilities, and with common purpose."

Lorena QA Henkcorp

"In Henkcorp, I feel that I can contribute ideas, and that can be heard. I learn constantly from my leaders and peers. Have flexibility and give you the guidance that you are looking for. Have the work climate conducive to my professional growth and any developer."

Orlando backend Henkcorp

Our competitive advantage is our tech talent.
If we focus on them, we can maximize your performance
that will generate the results you expect.

The culture of Henkcorp is focused on the talent. You know how it works:

Know some of the stories of companies
they have worked with Henkcorp

Our values are the pillars
the service that you receive

Our values are the pillars of the service that you receive

Is technology professionals with the mindset, technical skills and soft suitable for your digital challenges. Accessed through these services:

We make the impossible possible

We turn the most complex ideas into reality, always with the user at the center.

We innovate continuously

We propose multiple solutions aligned to your business context.

We focus on the customer

We understand your challenges and connect them with the right talent to solve them.

Your experience is first

We guide you on the ecosystem, tech, and prioritize your experience with our team.

Mindset growth

We promote the development of multidisciplinary teams to generate new ideas to you.

This is part of the team that will help you to have the talent tech's ideal for your company

“Our customers recognize our attention to detail, willingness and good communication. We prioritize the equipment to give an excellent service.”

Karen Luna


“The companies include our ability to listen and understand your needs to give you customized solutions. The talent YOU value our accompaniment and support to continue to grow”

Maria Fernanda Luna

Sales leader

“The companies stress that we have a business partner in charge of accompanying her new talent tech. As well we give timely attention and performance monitoring.”

Andres Sosa

Business Partner

“We look for creative ways to cover all needs of our customers. We build long-lasting relationships, based on mutual trust.”

Jessy Bustamante

Technology Leader

“Our internal processes give an optimal development of the managerial principles to provide confidence in the results with customers .”

Glory Quitora

Head of finance

How we help you to develop technological projects of success?

Leave your data and we will contact you in less than 24 hours to give you the guidance you need.



Leave your data and we will contact you in less than 24 hours to give you the guidance you need.